Where Rivers Meet


Where Rivers Meet (

A durational performance



1.  I will cut one 1″ of my hair and offer it to the frst body of water as ceremony at the first body of water I visit in British Columbia.

2.  At each body of water I will kneel to the water and submerge my hair in the water.

3.  The last body of water will be the Muskwa River (Maska Deeze) that runs through my territory, Fort Nelson First Nation.

4.  To end the performance I will cut my hair to the same length it was when I visited the first body of water, and offer it to the water in ceremony. This is where the rivers meet.




Clear Water


only through clear water can we see wolf etchings carved on walls

my eyes obscured by old tears, I tip my face, a tear drop slips

slides into the river; it rolls past looking grateful to be going home


Clear Water by Lee Maracle from her book of poetry Talking to the Diaspora 2015