Vancouver Grey

Vancouver Grey is a work about time, and memory. Vancouver Grey, is a color made locally in Vancouver by Kroma Paints on Granville Island. After each season the paint makers at Kroma mixes together all the pigments from the season to create a batch of grey paint. Each batch of Vancouver Grey is unique to that season.  As long as I live in Vancouver, I will seasonally collect the color Vancouver Grey as a meditation on time. The final work will consist of a writing and jar of Vancouver Grey.



Vancouver Grey 2014

I was at Sunset Beach, it was close to dusk

It had been one year since I had moved to Vancouver and I thought I should celebrate at the same beach I encountered exactly one year prior

As I walked up to the beach I recalled how I felt when I had walked over the same hill to reach our place on the beach one year ago

I remembered seeing the buildings and how foreign they once felt and feeling them now as home

As I sat down at our place on the beach I felt a longing for my past and a understanding of my present

I felt the presence of important lover who I had once told that whenever I experienced beauty I would think of her. So I thought of her

I came across a log that had washed up from the tide, and was struck by its beauty

In Vancouver, there is no shortage of these logs

It had been infected with termites and spoke to me about love, loss, and truth

When does a feeling move you to the truth of something?