(Dis)embody, 2014 is a work that was made during my participation in the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver Dance intensive with Brendan Fernades and Justine Chambers. The intensive concluded with the exhibition curated by the Contemporary Art Gallery, 600 Campbell, at the Russian Hall in Vancouver, BC.

(Dis)embody, consisted of a plinth, 110 ink-jet prints, and a 110 piece puzzle. The plinth was located in the middle of the auditorium of the Russian Hall. Throughout the duration of the opening a group of dancers from the intensive created a 6 hour choreographed work of the chairs originally found in the auditorium. Throughout this 6 hour durational performance the dancers negotiated space around my “body” that was represented by the plinth. This was my dance with them. My dance with the audience was the invitation for them to take a ink jet print on transparent vellum with them. As each print was taken the puzzle underneath was slowly revealed in the act of each print being taken away.




Here is the link to the Installation Documentation:


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Dis embody puzzleIMG_3287disembodt 3